Sewing Pattern Review: Simplicity 3634


Simplicity 3634, long sleeve version

Simplicity 3634, long sleeve version

Simplicity 3634, short sleeve version

Simplicity 3634, short sleeve version

ruffled sleeveless sewing pattern

Simplicity 3634, sleeveless version

Sleeveless top detail, label

Simplicity 3634, detail view

It took me a while to figure out what pattern to use with this ruffled fabric from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL. (I just tried looking up this fabric online, but it’s nowhere to be found. It’s called “Pizzazz,” and it’s in the silk room. Call 847-864-1270 for details.) The flower is the star of the show here, and I didn’t want even a dart to interfere. So I looked through my stash figuring I had to have at least one sleeveless top pattern that would do the trick. I did – Simplicity 3634 view A was a size 10, and I usually go with a size 8 in all the big 4 patterns, flaring out to a 10 or 12 at the hips.

Anyhow, I love this ruffled knit and the big flower print is my favorite. It doesn’t look much on the bolt, but unrolled? Oh my. I’ve since bought other ruffled knits but this one  is still my favorite, and you can see I loved it so much I made this versions – one with sleeves, the other, sans. I’ve since bought other ruffled knits from Vogue, but this flower one still takes the German Chocolate cake.

Here are some thoughts I have on sewing with ruffled knits:

  • A little goes a long way. I could have opted to make a dress, but that would have been more expensive…and this fabric is nearly $10 a yard. So I just did tops. But if I really wanted to be thrifty, I could just do the front panel in the snazzy ruffled print and then the rest of the garment in another fabric. I personally like the look of metallic jersey, so that’s what I used for my sleeves
  • After you cut your pieces, tack the ruffles with a basting stitch, that way they’ll lie flat when you’re sewing.
  • Foldover elastic is your friend with this stuff, although if you look closely, I used a black ruffled elastic on the sleeveless version. It works I think. But I’m still big on the foldover elastic for ruffled knits. You can use the sewing machine with a bias foot attachment or your coverstitch machine with a narrow twin needle stitch. I could do a better job on the coverstitch if I had a clear foot, but I don’t. Not yet.
  • Leave the hem of your ruffled knit garment raw, it’s just easier besides it’s so ready to wear (RTW).

The take away: Add some ruffled knits to your stash, even if just wardrobe basics – like cream and black. You won’t regret it.

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